Experience choosing to buy bed

With so many styles, materials, and origins for a wooden bed today, the selection is not easy at all. Duc Khang Furniture would like to give some experience to choose a beautiful and durable natural wood bed.

1. Wooden bed code form

Wood bed must fit into the general interior of the bedroom. If the bedroom space has other household furniture such as chalk table, wardrobe, bedside cabinet with classic appearance, of course a wooden bed with modern style will be difficult to match with the interior space around it.

Currently, the most consumers are young couples who tend to choose beds with simple and modern designs. These designs are less elaborate carved details so the wooden bed is easier to clean. In addition, they often prefer good products and reasonable prices while ensuring high aesthetics. Currently, designers and producers of wooden beds provide more services to design wooden beds according to the requirements of designs and designs.

2. Size of wooden bed

Bed size is one of the important factors, even related to feng shui bed. Even if your bedroom space is small, the family bed minimum size should be 2000 x 1800 (mm).

If the room has a larger area, you can choose a spacious bed so that the child can sleep with the parents without being tight. However, you should note that owning a bed with a standard size means you have to set your own gas, cushion for the size of the bed.

3. Price of wooden bed

Depending on the financial resources of each person, there are different choices, but if you choose a reputable manufacturer, owning a good quality bed at a reasonable price is possible. Please consult the opinions of experienced people, they will tell you the correct purchase address as you desire.