How to choose to buy a Induction cooker

Induction cooker from this day are becoming the most used stove to replace coal and gas stoves thanks to many advantages suitable to the needs of the majority of housewives.

Why should you use the electromagnetic stove?

Never electric cooker market, infrared stove has become as hot as recent years. Because the rapid increase in demand quickly brings a series of consumer questions such as: Why should use an electric stove, electric cooker from any type is good, should buy single type electric cooker Well, from any good brand electric cookers … To answer why you should use electromagnetic cookers instead of other types of cookers, let’s take a look at the advantages below to see the superior features and performance of the stove. electromagnetic.

Induction cooker is absolutely safe for users

Coal is a good combustion material but emits a large amount of CO2, if used in a closed home is easy to cause gas poisoning, asphyxiation can lead to death. Other types of gas stoves, such as gas stoves and electric stoves, can cause burns to the user, easily ignite fire to surrounding objects, or cause air leakage or electric fire. electromagnetic cooker was born to overcome most of the disadvantages of the traditional cookers that came before. This is a type of stove that uses magnetic coils as a heat source to heat cookware, capable of conducting magnetic surfaces on the hob. The coil itself is not hot, but only hot cooking utensils, so even touching the surface of the stove while cooking is pretty cool.

Superlative power saving

According to scientific statistics, normally, the amount of heat lost when using gas stoves is 60%, electric cookers are 40% while electromagnetic stoves are only 10%. This large difference is due to the efficiency of the induction hob, which is thoroughly focused on the bottom of the pot. Meanwhile, when using gas stoves, we often lose a lot of heat in the process of heating the pot due to the fire is not concentrated, lost to the environment in large amounts.

Easy to clean

Electromagnetic cookers often have a structure of glass surface so it is easy to clean after use. You only need to use a soft cloth to clean the surface after cooking, saving a lot of time, unlike when using a gas stove, to wipe the glass, the glass, the stainless steel tray.

Comfort, luxury, durability

Like other kitchen lines, electromagnetic cookers have many colors and categories for users to choose, suitable for many different needs. The surface of the induction hob uses beautiful glossy tempered glass, the current design of the electromagnetic stove is all neat, space-saving design, bringing luxurious comfort to the kitchen space in the family. Most types of electric cookers use high-grade tempered glass such as Schott ceran, K + and Ceramic glass, heat resistance up to 800 degrees C, heat shock up to 1000 degrees C, fast heat dissipation, keeping Completely safe for users.

How to choose an electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker is a multifunctional pot, which is now very popular with women. However, the market for electric pressure cookers today is so diverse that many women feel confused about which type of electric pressure cooker is good and safe.

How to choose a good electric pressure cooker?

Choosing a good electric pressure cooker is a concern of many women. To answer this question, first of all, women should clearly identify the needs of themselves and their families. Based on our findings, the selection of an electric pressure cooker is usually based on the following criteria:

Capacity suitable for use

When choosing to buy an electric pressure cooker, this is the issue we should pay attention first. For large families should choose to buy large, large capacity pots to match the amount of food to be cooked. This will prevent too much food from being cooked, the small pot must be broken into several times, causing more time and consuming more electricity. In contrast, the small family should not choose the type of pot too big, both occupy the area in the kitchen and cause excess, consume much unnecessary power.

Power saving

Electric pressure cookers are good, low power consumption is one of the top priorities when choosing pressure cookers. By the amount of power consumed by an electric pressure cooker can be equal to a rice cooker. Therefore, when choosing to buy this type of pot you should pay attention, preferably choose to buy a type of energy-saving pot to ensure safety as well as economy during use. Electronic pressure cookers often have less power consumption than conventional electric pressure cookers, so they are suitable for frequent use.

Diverse cooking programs

If you want to use a pressure cooker for many purposes such as steaming, rice cooking, porridge … rather than just for stewing food, you should choose a pot with a variety of cooking programs. In addition, keeping warm mode at the end of cooking time is also a point that you should pay attention when choosing to buy this device.

Choose the instant lid or swivel lid?

Electric pressure cookers today are designed in two forms of continuous push cap and traditional swivel cap. Press-and-hold is a button that opens and closes with a single hand, opening the lid like a rice cooker. However, this type often comes with a pot so it is quite difficult to clean. In contrast, the traditional rotating lid is often separated from the pot so it is easier to clean, but when opening it requires a fairly large force, many women will have difficulty using this type of pot.

Easy to clean

This is one of the important criteria to assess whether an electric pressure cooker is buying or not. Normally, when choosing to buy electric pressure cooker will be able to disassemble the parts easily to clean. Although this is a small detail, it determines the durability and cleanliness of the pot when using that you need to pay special attention.

Safe when using

Quality pressure cookers are usually manufactured and subjected to stringent safety tests before they are released to the market. So, check carefully the valve lock and drain functions to avoid unfortunate circumstances. You should choose pots that can clearly see the lock status and the status of unlocking.

Most pressure cookers are spill resistant, but you should still carefully check them carefully. In addition, you should choose the type of magnet plug pot because when you are unfortunate to trip, it also prevents the pot from falling to the ground.

The layout of the kitchen table is small

For small apartments, the selection of suitable furniture is extremely important. Dining table is also the highlight of this space. You can choose the table pattern according to your preference, color. However, you should focus on space-saving factors for small kitchen space.

Determine the space and number of users

With a narrow kitchen, choosing the right furniture is very important for a neat and tidy space. The top consideration factors when choosing a dining table are the right size and design. If your family is only 2 couples and rarely have guests, you should limit the number of seats.

In addition, you should also choose the type of dining tables and chairs suitable for the common space of the house, especially where the dining table has a beautiful view.

Use smart furniture

For homes with small dining rooms that do not have enough space for a fixed dining table, using versatile furniture or portable furniture that can be tucked away after use is an extremely smart solution. For example, with a dining table fitted with a wheel, or can be folded after use, you just push it neatly into a corner to return the airy space.

Combined with other dimensions

No matter how small the house, you can still find a place to set the table by cleverly “borrowing” other spaces in the house. In fact, using a reception desk, a kitchen table, or a desk as a dining table is fairly common. This will save space for the kitchen space, while still meeting certain efficiency.

Take advantage of the empty corners in the kitchen

Take advantage of every centimeter in the small kitchen, from here select the place with the right space for the dining table. You should set the dining table close to the wall so as not to waste the space of the kitchen, which makes the kitchen space look more airy while ensuring the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Instruction to buy a suitable dining table

The dining table is both considered to be a utensil, a household appliance, and a decoration for your home. However, each house will have a specific area, structure as well as the layout. Here are instructions for buying a dining table that fits your home space.

Table style

How to choose a table depends heavily on the space you want to set the table and how you will use it. In some houses, the kitchen area will also be the dining table area, so the dining table can be used to sit and cook, prepare food… So you need to choose sturdy tables with durable, sturdy material.

However, there are also many dining tables and chairs that will be placed in separate areas with ornate and beautiful decoration. This leads to the fact that you will have to choose an elaborately designed, sophisticated and colorful table that fits the table space. For some families, saving space is a top priority, or the time to use the dining table is not so much, so the tables can be closed, opened and folded is the optimal choice. In addition, the choice of dining table also depends on personal preferences as well as the overall design style of the whole house: in a modern, traditional, sophisticated and luxurious style, or gentle, simple.

Dining table size

Size is an important factor when considering buying a table. A dining table must match the user as well as the space and size of the room.

– Make a distance of about 90cm between the table and the wall so that people can easily sit down and get up when they are away from the table
– The distance between the table and the back wall is 96cm so that people can walk after standing up from the table
– The distance between each person to eat and 90cm to elbow not bumped into each other when eating
– The maximum width of the table is 122cm, this will make the atmosphere when eating becomes cozy, avoiding people sitting too far apart
– Minimum width of the table is 92cm, this ensures that you can place food and other objects easily.
– With more spacious space, you should consider the number of permanent people often included in meals and the extra space of 2 people (the number of normal guests may appear more)

Picture of the table

There are many types of dining tables depending on the preferences of the host as well as the home space. The most common dining tables are square, rectangular, round, oval. Each type of table will suit each different area of ​​the house

Rectangular table: Rectangular dining table is one of the 2 most common dining tables, most of the dining areas and kitchen areas of families are designed in the form of long running of the rectangle, so dad The rectangular dining table layout is quite reasonable for this type of space. In addition, this type of table can seat more people (more than 4 people), suitable for the most crowded families.

Square table: With a small dining area or arranged in a square format, the dining table should also choose a square dining table. Square dining table just makes the space become more spacious, while creating flair for the whole house. In addition, nowadays the square tables are also designed to be expanded to 2 sides, forming a rectangular plane for crowded meals.

Round tables: Similar to square tables, round tables are suitable for small rooms, with round tables only for small numbers of 2-3 people. The small round table makes a cozy and intimate setting when eating, chatting. With large round tables for many people, they are rarely used in houses but mostly in restaurants and hotels.

Oval table: The oval table is considered to be the most popular dining table, compared to the area, it is almost equal to the area of ​​the rectangular table, but visually, the oval table makes users feel it saves space. than the rectangular table due to rounded corners. The oval table is suitable for relatively large spaces, neither too wide nor too narrow. Oval table is also for many people, from 4 people or more. Many types of oval tables now also have additional openings and folds so they can be folded when not in use.

Instructions for choosing a table napkin

Tablecloths not only help beautify the dining room space but also stimulate you to eat more delicious. Different types of tablecloths will give your dining room space a different style. That contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in the family as well as help you eat more delicious.

Therefore, it is also important to choose the right tablecloth that is suitable for your home architecture, with the color of the wall, and to choose a seasonal tablecloth.

1. Flower tablecloths

Vines tablecloths seem fresh and full of vitality for the room space. This tablecloth is suitable for spring weather. Family meals will add warm and joyful with the fresh colors from the pattern on this towel.

2. Tablecloths with sunken patterns

Samples of tablecloths with patterns submerged in fabric bring elegance to your dining room. You should choose the sheets slightly dark with elegant pale sunken flowers below. With this choice. Certainly no one can deny your downright exquisite aesthetic.

3. Plaid tablecloth or plaid

Stripes or plaid sheets bring a youthful look to your dining room. and fresh.

4. One color tablecloth

Delicate tablecloths with an elegant tone made from cotton mixed with polyester with exquisite seashell contour. This tablecloth is very suitable for elegant dining table sets. With this tablecloth, the dining room space becomes warmer and more elegant.

5. Tablecloths of brilliant flowers

When you are a person who likes personality and likes bright colors, surely this tablecloth will be your choice. If the house is designed with vibrant colors, maybe a tablecloth with this pattern will warm the quiet dining atmosphere in the chilly weather of autumn and winter.

6. White tablecloth

White gives the space a clean, pure look. A white towel makes you feel very clean and hygienic. The white color brings a modern look to the dining room space and you will easily see all the stains on the white towel to be able to wash and bleach in time.

Choose to buy a refrigerator

What to buy a refrigerator to pay attention to? Check out the 5 important criteria to choose a refrigerator for a modern family, contributing to the house with additional amenities that we recommend soon.

Beautiful design, luxurious, suitable for space

On the market today there are 4 basic types of refrigerators that are: mini fridge, freezer compartment on top, fridge freezer compartment and large side by side cabinet. Depending on the interior space of the family, the number of users, you can choose a refrigerator of the corresponding size.

Besides size, you will also need to consider the exterior design of the cabinet such as: color, external control panel, external water intake, see if it suits the needs or not.

Normally, for families with few members, you will not need to use up the refrigerator compartments to store more food.

Therefore, choosing a refrigerator that has the ability to flexibly adjust the temperature between the compartments or can turn off the operation of each compartment is a worthwhile choice. In this case, you can refer to Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus model.

Save electricity for families

A refrigerator is a device that runs throughout, so no one wants to use an expensive refrigerator but “consumes” a lot of power consumption. An Inverter refrigerator or refrigerator using Econavi technology can save energy, which is a worthwhile choice.

Refrigerators can maintain high humidity, long-lasting food storage

Foods that are refrigerated for long periods of time are very susceptible to dehydration, making them no longer fresh and full of nutrients. One of the criteria to note to choose a refrigerator is the cabinet’s ability to retain moisture.

You can refer to LG Linear Inverter refrigerators that can keep food safe and fresh like within 1 week thanks to Door cooling + technology (multi-dimensional cooling + cold flow from cabinet door) and antibacterial technology 5 steps Hygiene Fresh +.

The ability to eliminate odors, the food does not get the smell between the compartments

The obsession with persistent food odors inside the refrigerator is really a nightmare for any user. Therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing a refrigerator with high antibacterial and deodorizing ability, it not only repels unpleasant odors, but also helps food to be fragrant and flavorful.

Especially, the refrigerators with 2-3 independent indoor units are a great choice for those who like to store a lot of food.

Accordingly, each indoor unit will be separately responsible for each compartment, the food is no longer smelling into each other because the cold air flow in the 2 freezer compartments and the freezer compartment is completely separate. You will no longer be obsessed with the food in this compartment from the other compartment.

Use kitchen utensils

Daily meals are very important to human health. Therefore, when cooking, we must not only pay attention to the selection of ingredients but also to carefully select kitchen utensils to ensure safety for ourselves and our families.

Choose cups, plates made from high-quality materials

Cups and plates are kitchen utensils we use every day. Most types of cups and plates are made from porcelain and plastic. Currently, there are many poor quality ceramic dishes and plates on the market. Especially porcelain with colorful patterns. According to the research of experts, the cup and porcelain plates are more prominent and contain higher lead. When we use cups, porcelain plates containing hot foods or acidic sour foods will make these patterns release lead and infuse food, harming human health. For poor quality plastic cups and plates, when we store hot and sour food, we also release toxic molecules. If we use long-term, low-quality plastic and porcelain cups and plates, there is a risk of physical weakness and cancer.

Therefore, the best solution is to choose high quality ceramic and porcelain cups and plates with clear origin. Or you can choose high quality glass cups and plates.

Use a microwave to heat food

A microwave with a quick cooking function saves you a lot of time during the cooking process. Microwaves use microwaves to ripen food in minutes. But because cooking is so fast, the food is only nine points, there is a cold hot spot, making the bacteria still in food. In addition, when cooking food with high temperatures for a short period of time will cause food to produce some strange substances that can impair the immune system in the body. When we cook in the usual way, the food will ripen, the protein in the food is broken down into amino acid, or peptide helps the body to digest. Therefore, you should limit the use of microwaves to prepare food, only microwave oven food.

Use high quality non-stick pan

Non-stick frying pan is an indispensable item in every household’s kitchen utensils list. However, in the market today there are many types of poor quality non-stick pans. This pan is sold at a relatively cheap price and the non-stick coating is a heat-resistant coating, so when cooking at high temperature the non-stick layer will create toxic substances such as perfluoisobutylene, perfluorooctanoic acidpfoa, carbonylchlorride. These are substances that cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing in the human body. For real non-stick pans, if we use it for a long time and use it at high temperatures, it can cause poisoning.

The best way to avoid is that you should choose the type of non-stick pan of reputable and quality brands like Goldsun, Happy Cook ……. And give up some bad habits, harmful to health when using Use as a non-cooking pan to overheat the heat, do not turn on the non-stick pan when the food has not been put into the pan, do not use a pan that has peeled off the non-stick layer.