The secret to choosing a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are now used more and more frequently in every home. With the optimal use helps to quickly clean the space of your family’s home. However, not every user knows how to use the vacuum cleaner effectively and long term and how to choose the vacuum cleaner to best meet their needs.

Choose machines with low power capacity and high vacuum power

The most important criterion when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum capacity of the machine, if the machine does not vacuum well, you will have difficulty during use. However, many people still confuse the two concepts of vacuum capacity and machine capacity.

The capacity of the machine is an indication of the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum power is the power that demonstrates the ability of the machine to vacuum, the higher the vacuum capacity, the more efficient the machine operates. The higher the machine capacity is, the more power is used, so when buying, choose a machine with a machine capacity of about 1600 W or more, a suction power (if it is announced) then about 400 W or more is okay. Should choose a machine with a large suction capacity but less power consumption.

The Panasonic MC-CL431AN46 tree vacuum cleaner uses a 1.2-liter bag-free filter technology that makes it possible to vacuum continuously without having to dump dust halfway through like a normal storage bag.

Should buy a machine with dust lights

During the use of the vacuum cleaner, dust will accumulate inside the dust bag. You need to clean the dust bag in time to not cause damage to the machine. Therefore, if your vacuum cleaner has an additional dust indicator, you will easily know when the dust bag is full and need to be replaced. Vacuum cleaner with dust indicator, you will easily clean dust bags in time.

Dust bag

Dust bags are made from many different materials. With paper bags, when the dust is full you can throw it away and replace it with new paper. Detachable cloth bags and clean, no need to change, cost savings. There are also dust bags made of a higher quality material that can absorb odors, antibacterial and dust filters.

You should choose a dust bag with protective equipment so that the machine will not be damaged when vacuuming metal objects. On the market, there are also many types of machines with magnet dust bags that can prevent scrap when being absorbed. Need to clean the dust bag regularly.

Pay attention to the weight and noise level of the device

These two parameters are listed on the body of the vacuum cleaner or in the specifications table. Heavy machines will make you feel uncomfortable and tired when using, especially for women. Therefore, should choose a machine weighing about 5-6 kg is medium.

Noise level of the vacuum cleaner is also a concern when using the machine, too noisy machine will affect your activities. Typically, the machine noise level ranges from 40 dB – 60 dB.

How to preserve the wooden floor in the living room

Laminate flooring is becoming more and more popular, the choice of many families because of the diversity of designs, luxurious style and moderate price. So after choosing to buy yourself a satisfactory wooden floor product and has been installed by a reputable wooden floor construction team, what should customers pay attention to when using and preserving to make the floor durable and beautiful? damage or encounter of cheap laminate flooring.

For the high-class laminate flooring often has very good scratch resistance and waterproof, but for the cheap laminate flooring, the waterproofing and scratch resistance are worse than the laminate flooring. high class so you also need a lot more attention when using laminate flooring. The surface layer of laminate flooring is also the scratch-resistant layer, but if this layer is damaged, it will be irreparable, greatly affecting the aesthetics of the floor so people should pay attention to how to use it. laminate flooring.

First time cleaning the wooden floor

– Wipe all wood chips and dust with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a soft floor brush.
– Clean the floor with a dry cloth rag, replace new rag or clean the cloth and continue.
– Clean the remaining stains with wood floor cleaner if necessary.
– Wipe with a damp cloth. Can wipe it again if necessary.

After the laminate flooring has been installed and cleaned, you can use the floor immediately, but during use, to preserve cheap laminate flooring for a long time, be aware of the following:

– Clean the wooden floor regularly to remove the long-standing stains forming mold and damage your floor, if the floor is spilled coffee, tea, or detergent on the floor, you should protect clean up all the spills there.

– Clean the floor with a soft and damp towel and do not use towels that are too wet because many types of cheap laminate flooring are very poor waterproof. When cleaning wooden floors we should also turn on fans or air conditioners to dry the wooden floors quicker.

– For furniture with metal legs, be careful when moving on the floor and best with these materials you should have rubber foot pads.

– Should completely lift furniture off the floor when moving furniture on laminate flooring surface to avoid damage to the surface of the floor.

– Avoid exposing high temperature objects such as cigarette butts to the floor surface, limiting the exposure of the wooden floor to the sun to avoid warping or blistering, because many types of public wood flooring Cheap businesses are not able to adapt to high temperatures.

Smart appliances for the living room

The installation of intelligent systems and equipment in the living room of a house, especially the living room has become simpler because many products of manufacturers around the world are available in the market.

Instead of having to open the door with a key, you just need to pick up your smartphone and scan the lock, the door will automatically open. A house will be cleaned by robot vacuums, the room air is always fresh thanks to the air purifier. For now, all you need is to sit down and chat with your friends in the living room.

Deadbolt smart door lock 02

Features: Open the door with a smartphone, password, fingerprint, receive notification when someone closes / opens the door, set a password for some friends to enter the house when the owner is not available, shockproof, heat resistant…

Suggested products: Xiaomi Sherlock M1, KEYWE GKW-1000A, Smart Lock Deadbolt 02, Samsung SHP-DS705MK, Gateman X300-FH. You can buy these products on some e-commerce websites and genuine stores.

Robot vacuum cleaner iLife X750

Features: Automatically perform cleaning tasks, vacuuming after pressing the start button and has multiple cleaning modes depending on user needs. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of sensors that can work well on a variety of floor surfaces such as carpets, wood, bricks, and can be cleaned in hard-to-clean areas such as under beds, under cabinets, and recognizing objects. prevent, avoid impact, fall to help the machine operate long.

Sonoff SHP temperature sensor

Features: Monitor air temperature and humidity with sensors attached to the device, thereby detecting air abnormalities, humidity and notify users via smartphone to get the solution measures to balance the temperature, humidity, protect the health of family members, especially the elderly and young children.

Panasonic air purifier

Features: Clean the air, deodorize cigarettes, kill bacteria, remove dirt particles that cause respiratory diseases … by releasing negative ions that are responsible for absorbing and neutralizing positive ions Harmful, bringing fresh air to the room. In addition, users can also track the device’s performance through phones with software installed from the manufacturer.

Mijia Dome 360 ​​Full HD surveillance camera

Features: Monitor, identify abnormal movements in the surveillance camera area, record high quality full HD images, detect smoke, fire, warn babies cries … and send notifications to the phone of the owner home. Users can monitor and monitor their houses remotely via software from the manufacturer to know if the house is currently safe or not.

DeLonghi ECI341 intelligent coffee machine

Features: Blending a variety of drinks such as traditional coffee, espresso, capuccino, latte, mocha simply by pressing a button and choosing a drink. In addition, users can control and order the coffee machine remotely via Wi-Fi connection by the phone installed with software from the manufacturer as well as monitor the water temperature, select the type of water. drink and volume each phase.

Smart curtains

Feature: Automatically closes / opens curtains according to the schedule set from the user via the smartphone with the appropriate software installed, combined with the smart system of the house to recognize when users enter the room or exit to close / open curtain. In addition, the device also helps to protect other appliances in the house, avoiding damage if the intense sunlight shines continuously on the house, the sensor attached to the device will detect traction of the user, if too strong, the curtain Will automatically stop to avoid curtain damage.

The note when consulting architectural design of the house

The development of society and the need to live of people are increasing day by day. Therefore, in order to have a beautiful architectural house, cool space and bring a sense of safety and peace to family members, before building a house, you should pay attention to the design advice below.

Select architects and contractors

To build a building or house depends very much on the architectural design. The selection of moderate architects to ensure that the construction becomes easy helps the construction schedule be completed on time but also has to create a beautiful view of aesthetics and use.

Is the building beautiful or not, suitable for your requirements or simply convenient to daily activities and activities by architectural design from the beginning. Often, many people will hire an architectural design unit for their house, but if you do not hire a consultant for architecture design, you also need to shape in your mind the basics of the house as an area. , space…

In addition, the homeowners themselves must actively observe, spend time reviewing, reading magazines, books, newspapers on beautiful houses … to foster their knowledge.

Determine the purpose of use

Your family needs to change the land use purpose in accordance with the law to carry out the construction of houses in case that land is not part of residential land to be granted a land use certificate.

Layout of garden space

If your home is in a city, a crowded residential area or a high-rise apartment building, with a cramped area without gardening conditions, don’t worry. Regardless of the size of the garden, large and small, its effect does not change or diminish. Sometimes just a potted plant can bring a completely different appearance to the space.

Architectural design of the house interior

Interior architectural design helps the layout of the house become airy and luxurious. Interior architectural design is a harmonious combination of colors, lighting, architectural aesthetics, decorative objects to create a convenient, comfortable and prideful living environment for homeowners.

Avoid major changes in the design process

Before embarking on home architecture design, homeowners and architects need to discuss and calculate carefully to make a design plan that suits the homeowner’s wishes. Designing takes a lot of time and effort, so make sure it’s the most complete design. Avoid cases when you have a design version and then add, remove rooms or modify the architecture of the house.

Simple tips to help the small kitchen become spacious

A beautiful, spacious and airy kitchen space is the dream of many people. However, in order for the narrow kitchen to be spacious and tidy, let’s explore the simple tips below.

Make use of every space

By taking advantage of additional space in the wall or ceiling, it will increase storage space for utensils and kitchen utensils. Maybe add a ceiling shelf or a few more shelves under the floor. This way, your kitchen will look cleaner and more organized.

Use mirrors to expand space

Mirrors are not only used for decoration in house design, people can use mirrors to make the space more visually spacious. Install a large mirror, the reflection of the mirror will help the kitchen space feel wider.

Use colors and lighting system reasonably

Usually white or light gray will be preferred for use in tight spaces. These colors will help your space become more spacious and airy. Or you can use wallpaper or wall paint with these two tones to “change clothes” for your kitchen. Absolutely need to avoid using hot, dark tones such as red or black … will make the room darker and cramped.

The choice of color for the floor is also extremely important when space is not spacious. Floors, whether they are carpets, floor tiles, parquet floors or any other material, should not be chosen randomly, arbitrarily. Should choose the floor with neutral colors, bright colors to make the space more wide.

Besides natural light, the installation of lighting system also plays an important part in improving the area of ​​your kitchen. In addition to installing the main light bulb from above, you should also consider installing additional light sources for the stove or sink. In addition, light is also needed to illuminate the dark wall tiles as well as reflect the kitchen decoration system.

Use impressive items, beautiful pots or bowls. At first you may have to invest in quite expensive items, but in the long run you will have a beautiful kitchen and long-term use. Not to mention that these items are beautiful decorations for your kitchen space.

Choosing furniture depends a lot on space. With a small room, you use big clothes will create a cramped, frustrated feeling. In addition, it is advisable to use items with soft designs or spiral shapes, instead of angular shapes, to make the space more compact. In addition, you should use the beautiful pot or bowl set. At first you may have to invest in quite expensive items, but in the long run you will have a beautiful kitchen and long-term use. Not to mention that these items are beautiful decorations for your kitchen space.

Using some open shelf systems, wingless shelves

There is no denying that the closed shelves will make you keep things neat but will bring a sense of urgency, making the items to smell inside if left for a long time, not to mention it can make you “forget”. You can use the hanging shelves and drawers to help the arrangement of kitchen items become simpler and more airy.

Open space design

Open spaces are a good choice for small apartments because they add a sense of spaciousness and airiness. Placing a shelf instead of walls is a solution to help the kitchen seamlessly with the remaining functional rooms, so it is not confined and secret.

Do not ignore decorating for the kitchen

And finally, don’t forget to decorate the kitchen. The care, arrangement and decoration will make you love the kitchen space, prefer cooking. Add a rug, a few small pots, vases or some pretty furniture. A bright kitchen space with accents is really a plus point in your home.

Instead, you can create accents for the kitchen by ordering the colors, shapes of the interior or a little accent with tiles, wallpaper will make the kitchen beautiful, spacious and pressed. more statue.

Choose air conditioner for the living room

With increasingly hot weather today, owning an air conditioner in the living room is an optimal choice. But how to choose the most suitable air conditioner? Let’s take a look at the following steps.

Choose air conditioner capacity

The first thing that you need to care about is choosing the capacity for the air conditioner in accordance with the room area. If the air conditioner capacity is too small compared to the room, it will both reduce cooling capacity and cause loss of machine life. If the capacity of the machine is higher, it is wasted unnecessary purchase costs.

Choose the type of air conditioner

Currently, air conditioners are of two types, one-way air conditioners and two-way air conditioners. You should choose a model based on the temperature and climate where you live.

Choose a reputable air conditioner

Next, you should choose to buy air conditioners in reputable air conditioners and have long-standing brands depending on your beliefs or preferences like LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, etc. This will help you You have a quality air conditioner, and you have the ability to operate most effectively and very affordable.

Design of air conditioner

Since the air conditioner is located in the living room, the design of the machine is also quite important. You should choose the air-conditioner with the color of wall paint, as well as the modern and elegant look. Thus, your living room will become much more prominent.

Consider the cooling mode

Different air conditioners often have different cooling modes, so you should also be mindful of this. Choose air conditioners that have fast cooling technology and comfortable cooling, so your living room will quickly be cooled.

Energy saving ability

Another factor that you need to consider is the ability to save energy. There are many technologies that help reduce wasted energy such as Digital Inverter or 8-pole compressor. Buy air-conditioners that own these technologies, leaving the air-conditioner in the living room not consuming too much electricity.

Other utilities

Besides, you also can not ignore some other utilities such as mosquito chasing feature, timer mode, skin protection mode or self-restart mode. You should carefully review and compare these utilities between air-conditioners and choose which one is best for your living room.

With the steps to select air conditioners for the living room above, you can find yourself what is the most suitable machine. Hope you can find yourself the best companion to dispel the summer heat.

Experience the living room vacuuming

It was terrible if I had to regularly clean up the house, clean the dirt by hand, because it took a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, most families are now able to buy vacuum cleaners themselves, so use a vacuum cleaner to clean the living room and other rooms quickly, but also ensure the longevity of the machine. vacuum cleaner?

With a modern vacuum cleaner and the following tips, you can easily vacuum the super clean living room in just 10 minutes. It is not difficult to use household vacuum cleaners because the current production goal of firms is to use as much as possible. To quickly and effectively vacuum the living room, you need to know the functions of the suction heads. Most accessories included in the vacuum cleaner are two basic types of suction heads: round suction heads and flat suction heads. In addition, if you need to vacuum dust in some special locations, you can buy other types of suction heads.

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner also has 3 dust suction intensity: strong, medium and light. To adjust the suction force, you only need to pay attention to the control buttons on the camera body or the dust collector. Know exactly the basic buttons and how to start the machine, turn off the machine, remove the suction head… will help you not be confused and embarrassed when doing the job.

It is necessary to comply with the vacuuming procedure to ensure safety and the machine is maximized. First, take the device to a place where you need to vacuum such as a living room, a bedroom .. Remove the power cord, check the power plug if it is open, check if the hose is twisted, select the appropriate nozzle attached to the hose smoking. Move objects such as children’s toys or objects too out of the area to vacuum. Plug the power plug into the outlet, avoid tangling wires, turn on the switch on the machine.

Start at the farthest corner, then pull back to the door, gently manipulate, the person upright, the short gesture, bring the device back and forth. Use the brush at the suction tip to absorb dust on a wide surface. Use an appropriate suction tip (rectangular head, flattened head, round head) to draw corners, slots, grooves, curtains, sofas and fabric utensils. Finished smoking moves objects to the original position. Do not use a vacuum cleaner on wet or watery surfaces. Do not suck garbage, sharp objects or objects of equal size (or larger) straws. It is necessary to carry the device to move, not to pull the suction tube and pull it away.

Good operation will have a smooth, even, normal sound. If the machine sounds strange, or has a burning smell, immediately turn it off by turning off the switch on the machine first and then unplugging the power plug. Do not pull the plug from the socket from a distance, as it may cause the cord to open.

If the household vacuum cleaner is a machine using a dust bag, after vacuuming, it must be cleaned by removing all dust from the dust bag. If the type of machine you are using is a dust box, you should also check the dust box to see if it is full, if the dust box is full, you should also empty it and clean the machine. Clean straws, suction heads, brushes, covers, suction nozzles, wires (press the button to automatically wire the wire into the machine) and store the device in the same place.

Choose lights for exterior areas

In addition to decorating interior spaces that are often taken care of by people and invested with the most effort and cost, the decoration of outdoor exterior spaces such as the yard and garden is also receiving special attention. from many customers. Therefore, choose outdoor decorative lights to create a sparkling, sophisticated and modern living space.

With splendid villa apartments, beautiful gardens will be a pity if you don’t know how to highlight its beauty. Outdoor lighting models will help your garden space become outstanding and impressive.

Let’s take a look at the choice of outdoor lighting trends according to current trends

Popular trends are often chosen by homeowners to use outdoor lighting using LED lamps, because LEDs not only help to illuminate the garden better but also help homeowners save electricity bills, repair or maintenance. Maintaining replacement costs is also low.

Homeowners can choose many outdoor decorative lights, choose LED lights for public lighting in sparkling gardens, use underwater lights in swimming pools or romantic hallways in gardens … many lamps Outdoor decoration will give you an effective lighting solution. Make your garden sparkling and beautiful.

Because of the outdoor installation, these LEDs will be fully equipped with water-resistant materials to ensure the longest luminescence time and limit electrical shortages. Cast aluminum and stainless steel are considered to be the perfect materials for the production of outdoor LED lamps. When choosing to buy outdoor lights, you should also pay attention to these two materials to buy the best lamps. In addition, outdoor decorative lights are also designed to prevent insects from entering and preventing water and dirt from entering, which will change the lamp performance.

Garden lighting – The perfect top garden lighting solution

Currently, many super bright outdoor LED headlights with different prices and designs are marketed. Customers are relatively difficult to buy quality lights, especially those who do not have much experience. We recommend that you pay attention to the peace of mind of a reputable brand when using it. In addition, it is important to choose a reliable store.

Decorative LED lighting illuminates your home

For apartments of small size and divided into rooms, each room will have different brightness and aesthetic requirements. Currently, the most popular decorative lamps used in apartment lighting are decorative LED lights. However, the principle of decorative LED installation you need to be well understood. This article will provide you with relevant information about lighting fixture issues.

Installation of decorative lights for the living room

You should use a combination of round, square and rectangular LEDs to get a moderate backlight light.

In addition, you should add other decorative lights, such as chandeliers and drop lights for the living room to make the living room look elegant and elegant. The living room walls can be used with wall lights or focal lights, using decorative tiles to highlight the paintings or highlight the image to decorate the space with different levels of color.

If the living room is equipped with a modern sofa, you should put a table lamp or floor lamp next to the chair set.

Small houses should not use decorative chandeliers, but should be replaced with low hanging lamps placed near the reception desk, but should not be directly illuminated on the person’s face.

Install decorative lights in the office

The working area needs light to be stable and focused, so you should use a white ceiling light or use decorative LED lights to keep the lighting stable for your workplace or study place.

When installing LED lights for offices, it is recommended to place lamps about 40-70 cm from the desk.

Kitchen LED lighting

You should install kitchen lights with natural light to have a true sense of color of food and the attractiveness of the dish during processing. Install additional lights in other areas such as eating places and other important places such as cooking area, stove or refrigerator.

In the dining area, you should use decorative lights of moderate size and can adjust the brightness to help people feel comfortable, not blindingly uncomfortable

LED lights decorate the bedroom

When installing the bedroom lamp, it is recommended to install the lamp above the headboard or the dressing table area. If your bedroom has a TiVi, you should also put a small light bulb on the back or right side of the TiVi to reduce the glare caused by the constantly changing light from the TV.

Choose Sofa for the living room

The living room has a square, a large length or is connected to the kitchen room as a room, which can cause some difficulties in decoration.

Open living room connected to the kitchen

It is required to arrange a living room to ensure that the environment is separate from the kitchen, but the living room and kitchen generally retain the cohesion in the space decoration. To separate these 2 rooms, you can use carpets, paint walls or build living room floors a little higher than the kitchen.

Dining tables and bars can also be used to separate the space of the living room and kitchen, which is the best choice. For beauty and prominence for this space division you can install a chandelier that can be mounted on the ceiling of the living room.

Sofa set is indispensable, place the sofa gradually close to the wall to save space, or set perpendicular to the wall. For these living rooms, long sofas or corner sofas can be the best choice.

The living room has a large length

For this living room it is often quite difficult to arrange things. To maximize space, you should first choose a long sofa. To facilitate the travel of the living room, the chair should not be too deep. However, do not hesitate to choose a special chair that can sit many people. You can take advantage of the height of the living room to save space and avoid the choice of tables that are too big.

The living room is built in a square style

In this case, be aware to avoid placing the sofa set in the middle of the living room. You can choose a small sofa with a few seats instead of two single sofas facing each other. The advice is to choose the furniture for the living room in a circular form to increase the sense of closeness between people. To create a warm atmosphere in the room, you can also install more beautiful decorative lights.