Instruction to buy a suitable dining table

The dining table is both considered to be a utensil, a household appliance, and a decoration for your home. However, each house will have a specific area, structure as well as the layout. Here are instructions for buying a dining table that fits your home space.

Table style

How to choose a table depends heavily on the space you want to set the table and how you will use it. In some houses, the kitchen area will also be the dining table area, so the dining table can be used to sit and cook, prepare food… So you need to choose sturdy tables with durable, sturdy material.

However, there are also many dining tables and chairs that will be placed in separate areas with ornate and beautiful decoration. This leads to the fact that you will have to choose an elaborately designed, sophisticated and colorful table that fits the table space. For some families, saving space is a top priority, or the time to use the dining table is not so much, so the tables can be closed, opened and folded is the optimal choice. In addition, the choice of dining table also depends on personal preferences as well as the overall design style of the whole house: in a modern, traditional, sophisticated and luxurious style, or gentle, simple.

Dining table size

Size is an important factor when considering buying a table. A dining table must match the user as well as the space and size of the room.

– Make a distance of about 90cm between the table and the wall so that people can easily sit down and get up when they are away from the table
– The distance between the table and the back wall is 96cm so that people can walk after standing up from the table
– The distance between each person to eat and 90cm to elbow not bumped into each other when eating
– The maximum width of the table is 122cm, this will make the atmosphere when eating becomes cozy, avoiding people sitting too far apart
– Minimum width of the table is 92cm, this ensures that you can place food and other objects easily.
– With more spacious space, you should consider the number of permanent people often included in meals and the extra space of 2 people (the number of normal guests may appear more)

Picture of the table

There are many types of dining tables depending on the preferences of the host as well as the home space. The most common dining tables are square, rectangular, round, oval. Each type of table will suit each different area of ​​the house

Rectangular table: Rectangular dining table is one of the 2 most common dining tables, most of the dining areas and kitchen areas of families are designed in the form of long running of the rectangle, so dad The rectangular dining table layout is quite reasonable for this type of space. In addition, this type of table can seat more people (more than 4 people), suitable for the most crowded families.

Square table: With a small dining area or arranged in a square format, the dining table should also choose a square dining table. Square dining table just makes the space become more spacious, while creating flair for the whole house. In addition, nowadays the square tables are also designed to be expanded to 2 sides, forming a rectangular plane for crowded meals.

Round tables: Similar to square tables, round tables are suitable for small rooms, with round tables only for small numbers of 2-3 people. The small round table makes a cozy and intimate setting when eating, chatting. With large round tables for many people, they are rarely used in houses but mostly in restaurants and hotels.

Oval table: The oval table is considered to be the most popular dining table, compared to the area, it is almost equal to the area of ​​the rectangular table, but visually, the oval table makes users feel it saves space. than the rectangular table due to rounded corners. The oval table is suitable for relatively large spaces, neither too wide nor too narrow. Oval table is also for many people, from 4 people or more. Many types of oval tables now also have additional openings and folds so they can be folded when not in use.

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