How to preserve the wooden floor in the living room

Laminate flooring is becoming more and more popular, the choice of many families because of the diversity of designs, luxurious style and moderate price. So after choosing to buy yourself a satisfactory wooden floor product and has been installed by a reputable wooden floor construction team, what should customers pay attention to when using and preserving to make the floor durable and beautiful? damage or encounter of cheap laminate flooring.

For the high-class laminate flooring often has very good scratch resistance and waterproof, but for the cheap laminate flooring, the waterproofing and scratch resistance are worse than the laminate flooring. high class so you also need a lot more attention when using laminate flooring. The surface layer of laminate flooring is also the scratch-resistant layer, but if this layer is damaged, it will be irreparable, greatly affecting the aesthetics of the floor so people should pay attention to how to use it. laminate flooring.

First time cleaning the wooden floor

– Wipe all wood chips and dust with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a soft floor brush.
– Clean the floor with a dry cloth rag, replace new rag or clean the cloth and continue.
– Clean the remaining stains with wood floor cleaner if necessary.
– Wipe with a damp cloth. Can wipe it again if necessary.

After the laminate flooring has been installed and cleaned, you can use the floor immediately, but during use, to preserve cheap laminate flooring for a long time, be aware of the following:

– Clean the wooden floor regularly to remove the long-standing stains forming mold and damage your floor, if the floor is spilled coffee, tea, or detergent on the floor, you should protect clean up all the spills there.

– Clean the floor with a soft and damp towel and do not use towels that are too wet because many types of cheap laminate flooring are very poor waterproof. When cleaning wooden floors we should also turn on fans or air conditioners to dry the wooden floors quicker.

– For furniture with metal legs, be careful when moving on the floor and best with these materials you should have rubber foot pads.

– Should completely lift furniture off the floor when moving furniture on laminate flooring surface to avoid damage to the surface of the floor.

– Avoid exposing high temperature objects such as cigarette butts to the floor surface, limiting the exposure of the wooden floor to the sun to avoid warping or blistering, because many types of public wood flooring Cheap businesses are not able to adapt to high temperatures.