Decorative LED lighting illuminates your home

For apartments of small size and divided into rooms, each room will have different brightness and aesthetic requirements. Currently, the most popular decorative lamps used in apartment lighting are decorative LED lights. However, the principle of decorative LED installation you need to be well understood. This article will provide you with relevant information about lighting fixture issues.

Installation of decorative lights for the living room

You should use a combination of round, square and rectangular LEDs to get a moderate backlight light.

In addition, you should add other decorative lights, such as chandeliers and drop lights for the living room to make the living room look elegant and elegant. The living room walls can be used with wall lights or focal lights, using decorative tiles to highlight the paintings or highlight the image to decorate the space with different levels of color.

If the living room is equipped with a modern sofa, you should put a table lamp or floor lamp next to the chair set.

Small houses should not use decorative chandeliers, but should be replaced with low hanging lamps placed near the reception desk, but should not be directly illuminated on the person’s face.

Install decorative lights in the office

The working area needs light to be stable and focused, so you should use a white ceiling light or use decorative LED lights to keep the lighting stable for your workplace or study place.

When installing LED lights for offices, it is recommended to place lamps about 40-70 cm from the desk.

Kitchen LED lighting

You should install kitchen lights with natural light to have a true sense of color of food and the attractiveness of the dish during processing. Install additional lights in other areas such as eating places and other important places such as cooking area, stove or refrigerator.

In the dining area, you should use decorative lights of moderate size and can adjust the brightness to help people feel comfortable, not blindingly uncomfortable

LED lights decorate the bedroom

When installing the bedroom lamp, it is recommended to install the lamp above the headboard or the dressing table area. If your bedroom has a TiVi, you should also put a small light bulb on the back or right side of the TiVi to reduce the glare caused by the constantly changing light from the TV.