Choose to buy a refrigerator

What to buy a refrigerator to pay attention to? Check out the 5 important criteria to choose a refrigerator for a modern family, contributing to the house with additional amenities that we recommend soon.

Beautiful design, luxurious, suitable for space

On the market today there are 4 basic types of refrigerators that are: mini fridge, freezer compartment on top, fridge freezer compartment and large side by side cabinet. Depending on the interior space of the family, the number of users, you can choose a refrigerator of the corresponding size.

Besides size, you will also need to consider the exterior design of the cabinet such as: color, external control panel, external water intake, see if it suits the needs or not.

Normally, for families with few members, you will not need to use up the refrigerator compartments to store more food.

Therefore, choosing a refrigerator that has the ability to flexibly adjust the temperature between the compartments or can turn off the operation of each compartment is a worthwhile choice. In this case, you can refer to Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus model.

Save electricity for families

A refrigerator is a device that runs throughout, so no one wants to use an expensive refrigerator but “consumes” a lot of power consumption. An Inverter refrigerator or refrigerator using Econavi technology can save energy, which is a worthwhile choice.

Refrigerators can maintain high humidity, long-lasting food storage

Foods that are refrigerated for long periods of time are very susceptible to dehydration, making them no longer fresh and full of nutrients. One of the criteria to note to choose a refrigerator is the cabinet’s ability to retain moisture.

You can refer to LG Linear Inverter refrigerators that can keep food safe and fresh like within 1 week thanks to Door cooling + technology (multi-dimensional cooling + cold flow from cabinet door) and antibacterial technology 5 steps Hygiene Fresh +.

The ability to eliminate odors, the food does not get the smell between the compartments

The obsession with persistent food odors inside the refrigerator is really a nightmare for any user. Therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing a refrigerator with high antibacterial and deodorizing ability, it not only repels unpleasant odors, but also helps food to be fragrant and flavorful.

Especially, the refrigerators with 2-3 independent indoor units are a great choice for those who like to store a lot of food.

Accordingly, each indoor unit will be separately responsible for each compartment, the food is no longer smelling into each other because the cold air flow in the 2 freezer compartments and the freezer compartment is completely separate. You will no longer be obsessed with the food in this compartment from the other compartment.