Use kitchen utensils

Daily meals are very important to human health. Therefore, when cooking, we must not only pay attention to the selection of ingredients but also to carefully select kitchen utensils to ensure safety for ourselves and our families.

Choose cups, plates made from high-quality materials

Cups and plates are kitchen utensils we use every day. Most types of cups and plates are made from porcelain and plastic. Currently, there are many poor quality ceramic dishes and plates on the market. Especially porcelain with colorful patterns. According to the research of experts, the cup and porcelain plates are more prominent and contain higher lead. When we use cups, porcelain plates containing hot foods or acidic sour foods will make these patterns release lead and infuse food, harming human health. For poor quality plastic cups and plates, when we store hot and sour food, we also release toxic molecules. If we use long-term, low-quality plastic and porcelain cups and plates, there is a risk of physical weakness and cancer.

Therefore, the best solution is to choose high quality ceramic and porcelain cups and plates with clear origin. Or you can choose high quality glass cups and plates.

Use a microwave to heat food

A microwave with a quick cooking function saves you a lot of time during the cooking process. Microwaves use microwaves to ripen food in minutes. But because cooking is so fast, the food is only nine points, there is a cold hot spot, making the bacteria still in food. In addition, when cooking food with high temperatures for a short period of time will cause food to produce some strange substances that can impair the immune system in the body. When we cook in the usual way, the food will ripen, the protein in the food is broken down into amino acid, or peptide helps the body to digest. Therefore, you should limit the use of microwaves to prepare food, only microwave oven food.

Use high quality non-stick pan

Non-stick frying pan is an indispensable item in every household’s kitchen utensils list. However, in the market today there are many types of poor quality non-stick pans. This pan is sold at a relatively cheap price and the non-stick coating is a heat-resistant coating, so when cooking at high temperature the non-stick layer will create toxic substances such as perfluoisobutylene, perfluorooctanoic acidpfoa, carbonylchlorride. These are substances that cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing in the human body. For real non-stick pans, if we use it for a long time and use it at high temperatures, it can cause poisoning.

The best way to avoid is that you should choose the type of non-stick pan of reputable and quality brands like Goldsun, Happy Cook ……. And give up some bad habits, harmful to health when using Use as a non-cooking pan to overheat the heat, do not turn on the non-stick pan when the food has not been put into the pan, do not use a pan that has peeled off the non-stick layer.