How to choose an electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker is a multifunctional pot, which is now very popular with women. However, the market for electric pressure cookers today is so diverse that many women feel confused about which type of electric pressure cooker is good and safe.

How to choose a good electric pressure cooker?

Choosing a good electric pressure cooker is a concern of many women. To answer this question, first of all, women should clearly identify the needs of themselves and their families. Based on our findings, the selection of an electric pressure cooker is usually based on the following criteria:

Capacity suitable for use

When choosing to buy an electric pressure cooker, this is the issue we should pay attention first. For large families should choose to buy large, large capacity pots to match the amount of food to be cooked. This will prevent too much food from being cooked, the small pot must be broken into several times, causing more time and consuming more electricity. In contrast, the small family should not choose the type of pot too big, both occupy the area in the kitchen and cause excess, consume much unnecessary power.

Power saving

Electric pressure cookers are good, low power consumption is one of the top priorities when choosing pressure cookers. By the amount of power consumed by an electric pressure cooker can be equal to a rice cooker. Therefore, when choosing to buy this type of pot you should pay attention, preferably choose to buy a type of energy-saving pot to ensure safety as well as economy during use. Electronic pressure cookers often have less power consumption than conventional electric pressure cookers, so they are suitable for frequent use.

Diverse cooking programs

If you want to use a pressure cooker for many purposes such as steaming, rice cooking, porridge … rather than just for stewing food, you should choose a pot with a variety of cooking programs. In addition, keeping warm mode at the end of cooking time is also a point that you should pay attention when choosing to buy this device.

Choose the instant lid or swivel lid?

Electric pressure cookers today are designed in two forms of continuous push cap and traditional swivel cap. Press-and-hold is a button that opens and closes with a single hand, opening the lid like a rice cooker. However, this type often comes with a pot so it is quite difficult to clean. In contrast, the traditional rotating lid is often separated from the pot so it is easier to clean, but when opening it requires a fairly large force, many women will have difficulty using this type of pot.

Easy to clean

This is one of the important criteria to assess whether an electric pressure cooker is buying or not. Normally, when choosing to buy electric pressure cooker will be able to disassemble the parts easily to clean. Although this is a small detail, it determines the durability and cleanliness of the pot when using that you need to pay special attention.

Safe when using

Quality pressure cookers are usually manufactured and subjected to stringent safety tests before they are released to the market. So, check carefully the valve lock and drain functions to avoid unfortunate circumstances. You should choose pots that can clearly see the lock status and the status of unlocking.

Most pressure cookers are spill resistant, but you should still carefully check them carefully. In addition, you should choose the type of magnet plug pot because when you are unfortunate to trip, it also prevents the pot from falling to the ground.