Smart appliances for the living room

The installation of intelligent systems and equipment in the living room of a house, especially the living room has become simpler because many products of manufacturers around the world are available in the market.

Instead of having to open the door with a key, you just need to pick up your smartphone and scan the lock, the door will automatically open. A house will be cleaned by robot vacuums, the room air is always fresh thanks to the air purifier. For now, all you need is to sit down and chat with your friends in the living room.

Deadbolt smart door lock 02

Features: Open the door with a smartphone, password, fingerprint, receive notification when someone closes / opens the door, set a password for some friends to enter the house when the owner is not available, shockproof, heat resistant…

Suggested products: Xiaomi Sherlock M1, KEYWE GKW-1000A, Smart Lock Deadbolt 02, Samsung SHP-DS705MK, Gateman X300-FH. You can buy these products on some e-commerce websites and genuine stores.

Robot vacuum cleaner iLife X750

Features: Automatically perform cleaning tasks, vacuuming after pressing the start button and has multiple cleaning modes depending on user needs. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of sensors that can work well on a variety of floor surfaces such as carpets, wood, bricks, and can be cleaned in hard-to-clean areas such as under beds, under cabinets, and recognizing objects. prevent, avoid impact, fall to help the machine operate long.

Sonoff SHP temperature sensor

Features: Monitor air temperature and humidity with sensors attached to the device, thereby detecting air abnormalities, humidity and notify users via smartphone to get the solution measures to balance the temperature, humidity, protect the health of family members, especially the elderly and young children.

Panasonic air purifier

Features: Clean the air, deodorize cigarettes, kill bacteria, remove dirt particles that cause respiratory diseases … by releasing negative ions that are responsible for absorbing and neutralizing positive ions Harmful, bringing fresh air to the room. In addition, users can also track the device’s performance through phones with software installed from the manufacturer.

Mijia Dome 360 ​​Full HD surveillance camera

Features: Monitor, identify abnormal movements in the surveillance camera area, record high quality full HD images, detect smoke, fire, warn babies cries … and send notifications to the phone of the owner home. Users can monitor and monitor their houses remotely via software from the manufacturer to know if the house is currently safe or not.

DeLonghi ECI341 intelligent coffee machine

Features: Blending a variety of drinks such as traditional coffee, espresso, capuccino, latte, mocha simply by pressing a button and choosing a drink. In addition, users can control and order the coffee machine remotely via Wi-Fi connection by the phone installed with software from the manufacturer as well as monitor the water temperature, select the type of water. drink and volume each phase.

Smart curtains

Feature: Automatically closes / opens curtains according to the schedule set from the user via the smartphone with the appropriate software installed, combined with the smart system of the house to recognize when users enter the room or exit to close / open curtain. In addition, the device also helps to protect other appliances in the house, avoiding damage if the intense sunlight shines continuously on the house, the sensor attached to the device will detect traction of the user, if too strong, the curtain Will automatically stop to avoid curtain damage.