Choose Sofa for the living room

The living room has a square, a large length or is connected to the kitchen room as a room, which can cause some difficulties in decoration.

Open living room connected to the kitchen

It is required to arrange a living room to ensure that the environment is separate from the kitchen, but the living room and kitchen generally retain the cohesion in the space decoration. To separate these 2 rooms, you can use carpets, paint walls or build living room floors a little higher than the kitchen.

Dining tables and bars can also be used to separate the space of the living room and kitchen, which is the best choice. For beauty and prominence for this space division you can install a chandelier that can be mounted on the ceiling of the living room.

Sofa set is indispensable, place the sofa gradually close to the wall to save space, or set perpendicular to the wall. For these living rooms, long sofas or corner sofas can be the best choice.

The living room has a large length

For this living room it is often quite difficult to arrange things. To maximize space, you should first choose a long sofa. To facilitate the travel of the living room, the chair should not be too deep. However, do not hesitate to choose a special chair that can sit many people. You can take advantage of the height of the living room to save space and avoid the choice of tables that are too big.

The living room is built in a square style

In this case, be aware to avoid placing the sofa set in the middle of the living room. You can choose a small sofa with a few seats instead of two single sofas facing each other. The advice is to choose the furniture for the living room in a circular form to increase the sense of closeness between people. To create a warm atmosphere in the room, you can also install more beautiful decorative lights.