The layout of the kitchen table is small

For small apartments, the selection of suitable furniture is extremely important. Dining table is also the highlight of this space. You can choose the table pattern according to your preference, color. However, you should focus on space-saving factors for small kitchen space.

Determine the space and number of users

With a narrow kitchen, choosing the right furniture is very important for a neat and tidy space. The top consideration factors when choosing a dining table are the right size and design. If your family is only 2 couples and rarely have guests, you should limit the number of seats.

In addition, you should also choose the type of dining tables and chairs suitable for the common space of the house, especially where the dining table has a beautiful view.

Use smart furniture

For homes with small dining rooms that do not have enough space for a fixed dining table, using versatile furniture or portable furniture that can be tucked away after use is an extremely smart solution. For example, with a dining table fitted with a wheel, or can be folded after use, you just push it neatly into a corner to return the airy space.

Combined with other dimensions

No matter how small the house, you can still find a place to set the table by cleverly “borrowing” other spaces in the house. In fact, using a reception desk, a kitchen table, or a desk as a dining table is fairly common. This will save space for the kitchen space, while still meeting certain efficiency.

Take advantage of the empty corners in the kitchen

Take advantage of every centimeter in the small kitchen, from here select the place with the right space for the dining table. You should set the dining table close to the wall so as not to waste the space of the kitchen, which makes the kitchen space look more airy while ensuring the aesthetics of the kitchen.

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